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How to manage a remote team effectively?

Regardless of how well your equipment and offshore setting are set up, managing a remote staff is no small task. You can expect that there will be a number of other circumstances that make this an even bigger issue in our present working environment, as we are adjusting to our new normal of working from home (WFH) owing to COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine.

The good news is that there are doable solutions to prevent or lessen these problems. Ultimately, managers can maximize the performance of their team no matter where they are working by being aware of them and putting in place sound procedures.

1) Be up and honest about your expectations.

Don't assume that everyone is speaking the same language. It is crucial that you explicitly define expectations so that everyone is working toward the same goal, regardless of how well your team performs in the physical office, offsite, or WFH.

2) By being transparent yourself, you may add more certainty.

Some of your team members won't enjoy working remotely or off-site; examine whether they are truly isolating themselves (i.e. live alone or have minimal interaction). To assist them in adjusting better and provide some advice that has worked for you, get in touch with them or check in on them more frequently. These little deeds may go a long way toward reminding your team that you're all in this together.

3) Never be reluctant to assess development.

Many teams have fallen behind because they missed this important stage. When the entire team works remotely, you'll soon realize how routine communication is taken for granted.

In a physical office environment, it's simple to gauge how your team is doing and they have the chance to offer you updates at any moment during the day. Even while virtual conversations are a fantastic tool for WFH, you can miss certain updates and the frequency of your meetings might not be sufficient to provide you a true picture of how everyone is doing.

4) Avoid anything that amplifies the isolation

Be extra mindful of managerial behaviors or processes that could undo your team’s efficiencies. These include things like: Having unrealistic expectations, Failing to check in, etc

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