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How To Identify Needs & Motivation Of Candidates

Motivational fit is an essential component of any interview process. You may miss important information about a candidate's likes and dislikes in the workplace if you do not ask questions about motivational fit or job fit. After all, studies have shown that the single most important predictor of absenteeism, turnover, and overall employee satisfaction is motivational fit.

Whether you have one application or 500, these questions should remain a top priority in your selection process.

1) Best job you ever had?

Talking about the job you enjoyed doing in your life, it feels less formal. When you record these responses, look for parallels between their favourite job and the job you have to offer them. If their favourite job has aspects that are similar to the ones you are providing then they are a likely fit for the position.

2) Least enjoyed job?

This question is similar to the previous one, but it asks about their least favourite position. This question will help you learn about what aspects of a previous role they did not like with the candidate's preferences, leading them to look elsewhere or leave. It can be difficult to ask interview questions that elicit a negative response, but this question is simply asking them about their least favourite role and is not always perceived as a negative.

3) What type of work environment do you work best in?

The workplace atmosphere may never have been more important than it is right now, with so many traditional workplaces switching to remote or hybrid models. A candidate's decision to accept an offer might be more affected by this, especially if they must adhere to a rigid schedule with little to no room for manoeuvring.

4) Describe your ideal supervisor?

A key component of motivational fit is leadership. An employee may excel at their jobs and responsibilities and even enjoy their workplace, but if they are incompatible with their supervisor's management style, they may not be happy at work.

5) Describe a job where you performed in a similar capacity to the job here

When an applicant has some knowledge of the position they are applying for, they may be asked to compare it to a previous one. Be sure to take note of their likes and dislikes when you ask about their previous jobs so you can relate them to the tasks they will be performing on the job.

The interviewer has a crucial duty to match the ideal candidate to a position when assessing motivational fit using these kinds of questions. You can hire Successroute as your recruitment agency & hire the best candidates for your vacancy.

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