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How to build a strong employer brand?

As a company, your quality of workforce depends highly on the quality of talent that you recruit.

But how do you improve the manpower that will ultimately decide the future of your company?

This is where employer branding comes in.

Employer branding is what your employees and recruits perceive of your company's brand.

What can employer branding do for my company?

The difference between mediocre manpower and high-caliber personnel is good employer branding.

Some advantages are discussed in detail below:

Healthy notoriety: If your employer branding is virtuous, then you can bet that more talented individuals would want to work in your company.

Youth talent magnet: Roughly, 77% of candidates are willing to accept a pay cut if their company's reputation is credible. Keep in mind, we're not saying that you should underpay your recruits. But it shows the power of a compelling company reputation.

Higher employee referrals: The more nurturing the work environment you provide your employees, the more they would be willing to recommend your company to their circle of candidates.

Diversified work environment: When you prioritize your employer branding, you have the opportunity to hire recruits from variegated backgrounds. Candidates will be 69% more likely to work with your company if you have an eclectic workplace.

Career developing journey: A company that has a nurturing workplace culture, will make the candidates want to work with you. Since they have a better chance to improve their skills and work ethic with your company.

How do I build my own employer brand?

Now that you know the value of an influential employer brand, you might be wondering how you would build it.

Clarify your company statement: A Unique Value Proposition ( UVP ) encompasses your organization's overall mission, values, and culture. With a detailed UVP, candidates can clearly articulate if their goals align with your company's.

Conduct an employer brand audit: You need to first examine everything, from your job descriptions to performance reviews. Next, get feedback from candidates and employees. Once completed, it will help you identify and rectify the gaps between the company's presented image and outer representation.

Develop an Employee Value Proposition: A Employee Value Proposition ( EVP ) answers two questions; what the employees and candidates can expect from your company and what the company can expect from the employee or candidates. Proper analysis of your company's UVP and employer brand audit can help you finesse your EVP.

Implement: Start with analyzing your organization's job descriptions. After that comes the career page, compelling employee testimonials, and core values that may convince potential employees to join your company. Take it from online reviews to tell you how you should improve your organization. Monitor them in order to amend your organization's weak points.

There's no one formula for all brands. But hopefully, this blog gave you an idea of how to take the first steps.

If you still need some guidance then do not hesitate to contact our HR Consultancy to help you in finding the perfect employer brand for your organization."

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