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5 Ways To Support Employee Growth & Professional Development

Employee retention is one of the most serious threats to businesses across the country. In recent years, the tide has shifted, and employees now wield more power than ever in their interactions with employers. In fact, 65 percent of workers believe they can use this power to their advantage by negotiating pay and benefits.

Employee growth and professional development initiatives are one way for businesses to keep employees satisfied and committed.

Here are six ways to support employee growth and professional development in the workplace.

1) Recognition & Rewards

If you want to encourage employee growth and development, you must first keep them satisfied and motivated. This begins with developing a company culture that rewards and recognizes exceptional performance.

Giving your employees recognition and rewards can motivate them and foster loyalty, both of which are driving forces behind employee growth.

2) Feedbacks

Organizations that do not provide continuous feedback to employees cannot expect them to grow or develop in areas where they struggle. Knowing your shortcomings is a critical step in personal and professional development.

3) Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and coaching programs are another way for businesses to look internally to support employee growth and professional development. Employees in the modern workforce no longer respond well to demands or orders. Managers must instead learn to collaborate with their employees, much like a coach or mentor.

4) Develop Soft Skills

Soft skills are personal characteristics and non-technical abilities that help you succeed in your career. These abilities can include, time management, delegation, active listening, and communication. Organizations that provide soft-skill development training and educational resources can boost the productivity of their entire team, not just the employee.

5) Development Opportunities

Organizations must find innovative ways to engage employees and increase their loyalty to reduce employee turnover and productivity. Employee development initiatives and skill-development programs are two long-term strategies that lay the groundwork for better employee experiences.

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