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What should you ask at the end of an interview? [ With examples and tips ]

Suppose you're almost through with your interview. Then the interviewer says, " Do you have any questions you want to ask? "

This simple yet meaningful question can make or break your whole persona.

It's important to keep your questions thoughtful and professional to land a positive impression on the recruiters.

If you ask an inappropriate question, the committee will end up passing on you.


What have past employees done to succeed in this job?

This is a great question to ask. Even better if it's against current employees. It will help in setting you as a high achiever in the eyes of the recruiters.

How do you help your staff to grow professionally?

This question has twin benefits. The recruiters can see that you're interested in staying and developing for this role. And you can gain insight as to how the company invests in their staff.

What are the challenges of this role?

Knowing about the challenges and difficulties you'd have to face will help you to prepare in advance. The way the recruiter answers this question, will also give you an idea about the leadership style and company culture.

What is the possible growth trajectory for someone in this role?

You can rephrase this question as " Is there a typical career path for someone in this role? " With this question you can find out if there's a possibility for promotion down the road.

Can you familiarize me with the team I'd be working with?

Another variation of this is " Can you tell me about the dynamics of the team I'd be working with? " It's important to know the individuals you'd be working with.

What are the next steps in the recruitment process?

You can also phrase this question as " When can I expect to hear from you? " The recruiters will let you know if there's another interview or assessment that would take place before the final decision is made. This gives an insight about the hiring process of recruitment agencies such as Success Route Consulting.


  1. Avoid asking Yes-No questions. The point is to gain as many details about the company and their culture as possible.

  2. Don't ask more than 3 questions. But you can prepare upto 10 in advance, in case the recruiters are willing to chat.

  3. Ask the questions at the end. You'll get your cue when the recruiter asks if you have any questions.

  4. Adapt your questions based on who the interviewer is. If you're being interviewed by external recruiters then it is best to keep the questions general, since you won't get much info about the company from them.

  5. Don't ask about the salary or benefits. Save these questions for when you receive an offer.

If you'd like to prepare thoroughly for your interview then read our blog, " 5 things you're doing wrong while applying for a job. "

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