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Things to do while applying for a job

Imagine sending your favorite employer your CV for a job vacancy and never hearing from human resources. Do you not feel discouraged? You undoubtedly will. However, this does not necessarily imply that you lack ability or talent; there may be other factors at play. Your method of application might not be the best.

Here are the five things you should do while applying for jobs:

1) Follow-up email

One of the most frequent errors made by job seekers is failing to send a follow-up email. It is necessary to do this if you apply for a job but don't hear back.

Create a customized email asking the business to set up an interview for you in the event that there is a position open. If the company didn't reply to your email after a week, call them.

2) Drop a mail to HR

Extra work is always worthwhile! Try obtaining the HR department's email address from the company website. didn't locate it? You might find the company's HR on LinkedIn since the majority of recruiting professionals are active there. Along with other firm personnel, send him or her a connection request.

Your efforts were successful even if only one member of that organization accepts your connection request. Obtain the HR department's email address and send a detailed email outlining your qualifications for the position.

3) Make sure your contact number is correct

Nearly a month has passed since you updated your phone number. Congratulations, then! But wait, did you also modify it in your CV? If not, get started as soon as you can. It might be one of the reasons HR doesn't call you for an interview.

Never forget to frequently review your contact information in the CV. If anything changes, immediately update your information.

4) Modify resume according to the job

The final, yet common mistake that many job applicants do is failing to modify their resume in accordance with the job description. This oversight enables the recruiter to believe that you are unsuitable for the position.

Therefore, carefully read the job description and modify your resume as necessary. Your most pertinent experience should be at the top.

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