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Should Your Company Take A Political Stand?

Politics is a very sensitive issue in a country like India. One wrong statement can lead to negative results. But then again, should your company be fearful of taking a stand in cases that matter. Well, a few researchers said that millennials and Gen z prefer taking jobs in an organization that takes a social and political stance.

It is very important to decide on taking a stand in the political matter as one slight mistake can jeopardize your company's reputation. If a firm doesn't speak out, it may be interpreted as having "flexible" or even "no" values at all.

Here are 3 members of the Forbes Agency Council sharing their views on the above topic;

1) "It’s critical to look inward and at your legacy before making a statement. Any brand can evolve or change, but you need to understand and own your past, no matter how great or complicated it may be. Otherwise, any commitments come off as tone-deaf or simply a marketing grab." - Whitney Fishman, Wavemaker

2) "When taking political or social stands as a marketer, the message must be credible coming from your brand and must be rooted in values demonstrably lived by your enterprise. That said, the most important thing to avoid is to use this type of message to elevate your brand by denigrating others—as this destroys the credibility of your brand’s stance." - Brian Sullivan, Sullivan Branding

3) "Don’t just hop on the bandwagon to take the free ride. If the trending social message aligns with your mission and values, then go for it. However, crossing the line into adopting a label can open your brand up to scrutiny if you’re simply attempting to capitalize on it. Make sure that if you take a stand it’s for something in which you believe and will continue to support once the hype is over." - Bernard May, National Positions

Make sure to be conscious and take the step in the right direction!

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