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Recruitment Trends Changed By Covid-19!

We all know Covid-19 has changed our life to some extent. From work from home to companies trying to hire people through online zoom calls, every aspect of life whether professional or personal has been affected by the pandemic.

Covid-19 pandemic has also changed the recruitment process of companies. From face-to-face interviews to online interviews, here are a few trends changed by covid-19 in the recruitment process.

1) The new norm - online interviews!

Covid-19 has left an impact on everyone from person to company. With Covid-19, the major change that took place in the recruitment process of the company was hiring online through applications like google meet, zoom, etc. While online interviews are challenging, they reduce the cost for the company as well as the candidate.

2) Diverse workforce

Talent acquisition is now not limited to an area or even a city. With online recruitment and work-from-home opportunities, the companies can now have a diverse workforce. People from anywhere can be a part of the company. Many operations of companies have been transferred into online mode, thus location is no longer a limiting factor.

3) Adaptability

Adaptability in employees has become one of the most important aspects of hiring nowadays. Well, during covid-19 things changed drastically, and the employees who can adapt to these changes were the ones who survived. Those who are rigid cannot work at such times. When things change due to uncertainties that are beyond one's control, we have to learn to accept and adapt to new conditions as soon as possible.

4) Tech Sassy

We all know, when covid hit the world it was technology that helped us! Our phones become an indispensable part of our lives. A person who knew how to use technology to his/her benefit became the first choice of companies to hire. Many companies explored the process of hiring by checking how creative an employee can go with technology. A few companies asked the employees to share a video of them stating why they are the best fit for the role, and much more.

The pandemic has left all of us changing and upgrading our skills. And even for companies, the pandemic has brought a lot of changes. Your recruitment game should be top-notch if you want to increase the productivity of your company. And we, the team of successroute are the best to help you with that!

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