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How to attract Gen Z talent?

The number of Gen Z employees worldwide is expected to triple by 2030, implying that those born between 1995 and 2015 will soon account for up to 30% of the global workforce. 

With an increasing number of Gen Z workers entering the labour force, it is unavoidable that they will play an important role in shaping the workplace for decades to come. However, the question of how this generation will change the fabric of workplaces remains unanswered.

1) Investigate Gen Z Culture 

Generation Z is a digital native, having grown up with smartphones and social media. They are also one of history's most diverse generations. This influences their thinking — and how they spend their money. 

2) Create a culture of lifelong learning. 

People aren't just changing their work schedules or locations. But, more importantly, why. According to our recent Workplace Learning Report, 76 per cent of Gen Z employees believe that learning is the key to a successful career.

3) Take a Position on Social Issues 

Gen Z is politically aware and engaged, and they prefer to spend their money on brands that share their beliefs and values.

Avoid involving your brand in social issues. Instead, support or promote causes that are important to you, and look for ways to make your company more environmentally conscious.

4) The elimination of experience inflation barriers

When it comes to helping their customers effectively market entry-level employment openings, recruiters play a critical role. You must make sure that your job postings accurately reflect the level of experience career starters will have if you are hiring at the entry level.

Although having experienced workers join at the entry-level may appear advantageous, in the long run, businesses risk missing out on top talent. Gen Z prospects are getting pickier about the jobs they apply for, so it's more crucial than ever for recruiters to be knowledgeable about an organization's mission, culture, and unique selling points.

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