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How long does background verification take?

Good news! Your prospective new employer has informed you that a background check will be conducted after the interview process is complete. This most likely means that you have been chosen as one of the best applicants for the position.

You might be wondering how long a background check takes because one step in this procedure entails checking the employee's past.

Background checks are performed by employers to make sure that new hires do not have a criminal history that is incompatible with the amount of responsibility, asset exposure, and other factors of a position. Some background checks also confirm your employment and academic history.

Employment background checks can provide a plethora of information on your job candidate, depending on the type of information you choose to search and verify.

The different components of a background check can include:

• Identity Verification

• Social Security Trace

• National Criminal Records Database Search

• Federal Criminal Records Search

• Global Terrorist Watch List Search

• Statewide Criminal Records Search

• Motor Vehicle Records

• Education Verification

• Employment Verification

• Drug Screen

• Clinical Services

• Credit Reports

Some of these components, like identity verification, may have a quick turnaround time, whereas others, like employment and education verifications, may take longer to complete because they may require speaking with HR representatives at various companies and getting in touch with educational institutions.

Pre-employment background checks typically take two to five business days to complete, though this depends on the type of investigation and the information required.

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