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Fresher? Here's How to Prepare Your Resume

Are you a fresher who is job hunting? Then you're no stranger to the brutal job market out there. You want the job, but you have no experience to show on your resume.

Luckily, there is a way around this.

Yes, you read it right! There is a way to make a résumé that will get you the interview and in the course of time, the job. That too as a fresher.

Read on to find out how to design your required resume.

Resume format

First, you have to decide on a resume format. The type of resume format you use largely depends on what kind of job you're applying for.

The most popular one is the chronological resume. This resume highlights work history from the current to the earlier.

This is the more traditional format, so if you're applying for a sophisticated job, use this format.

Another kind of resume format is the functional one. Also called a skill-based resume, it highlights your experience by categorizing it into specific skills.

This is more suited for freshers who don't have a lot of work experience but have the skills required for the job.

Highlight the Skills

Highlighting the relevant skills will make the employer overlook the work experience field.

Skills can be in the form of internships ( paid or unpaid ), life experiences ( school or coursework ), extracurricular activities, awards, volunteer work, etc.

Longer Education section

It's okay to lengthen the educational qualifications section if you've no professional work experience to show.

Show the relevant coursework first, to highlight that you're qualified for this job.

Expand the educational section by mentioning any student committees you were part of, and any scholarships, awards, or honors you were given.

Highlight your GPA ( if higher than 3.5 ) to emphasize your work ethic.

Soft and Hard Skills

Soft skills, also called interpersonal skills includes,

  • Communication skills,

  • Critical thinking,

  • Time management skills,

  • Problem-solving skills,

  • Organizational skills, etc.

Hard skills, or technical skills are obtained through hands-on experience. Like,

  • Customer service skills,

  • Research,

  • Language,

  • Sales,

  • Video editing,

  • Photo editing, etc.

Give these enough room on your resume

to show that you're not limited to just books.

Resume formatting

Formatting your resume makes it easier for the employer to read it. It's little things like this that make a person stand out in a crowd.

Align your résumé text to the left and not in the center.

Using " relevant experience" instead of " work experience".

Using digits instead of words when it concerns numbers.

Ask for Professional Help

If you're new to resume designing, then all of the above tasks are bound to be overwhelming for you.

Fortunately, we're here to help. Our team of experts and our knowledge of the job market makes it easier for us to showcase the skills that will get you the job.

Get in touch with our experts and let us help you design the perfect resume.

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