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5 Things You Are Doing Wrong While Applying for A Job.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Imagine yourself sending a CV for a job opening to your favourite company, and you never receive a call back from HR. Don't you feel demotivated? You will, for sure. However, this doesn't mean that you are incapable or unskilled, the reason might be something else. Maybe your approach to applying isn’t right.

Here is the list of five things you’re doing wrong while applying for a job:

1)Do you drop a follow-up email?

One of the most common mistakes done by many job-seekers is not dropping a follow-up email. Yes, if you apply for a job, and don’t get a revert back, it’s essential.

Draft a personalized email requesting the company to schedule an interview for you in case there’s still a vacancy. Call the company after a week if they didn’t respond to your email.

2)Did you send the in-person CV to HR?

Extra effort always pays off! Try getting the email address of HR from the company’s website. Didn’t find it? Since most of the recruiting professionals are active on LinkedIn, you may find the company’s HR there. Send him/her the connection request along with other employees of the company.

Even if one person from that organization accepts your connection request, your efforts have made it. Get the HR’s email address, and send a personalized email telling why you are a suitable candidate for the job.

3)Is the contact number in your CV up-to-date?

It’s almost a month since you changed your contact number. Well, congratulations! But, wait a minute, did you change it in your CV too? If not, then do it as soon as possible. It can be one of the reasons for not receiving a call for an interview from HR.

Always remember to check your contact details in the CV regularly. Update your details instantly in case of any changes.

4)Do you highlight the Keywords with appropriate CV format?

Not including the keywords in the CV or cover letter is another mistake that several job-seekers make frequently. Keywords are the skills and abilities related to the job requirement. Highlighting the keywords with an appropriate CV format always increases your chances of getting noticed.

If you missed doing this, the possibilities for your CV’s rejection by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) increases. As a result, your CV will never reach HR.

5)Is the CV fine-tuned according to the Job Description?

The last one but a usual error that several job seekers make is not fine-tuning the CV according to the job description. This mistake allows the recruiter to make a misconception about your incompatibility for the required job role.

So, read the job description carefully and tailor your CV as per the need. Put your most relevant experience on the top.

Final thoughts,

All in all, sending a follow-up email to the company and HR, updating the CV details, and fine-tuning the CV according to the job description can help you get an interview call post applying.

Have you done your homework for the next job application? If not, begin doing it today!

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