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A Guide To Creating A Successful Internship Program

Summer does not just bring mangoes, but it is also the time of year when most of the students complete their college and looks for internship in companies. Yes, it is time for you to prepare a Summer Internship Program to train all your new interns.

At this time, students might be excited to start working, whereas the companies are perhaps a little nervous about how to keep the newly appointed intern busy. Developing a perfect and engaging internship plan for your employees is a tiresome task. Thus, we are here to make it easy for you by sharing a few tips that would come a lot handy.

1) Job Description

Nothing comes as clear and transparent as a good job description. Your job description should sound energetic, challenging, and motivating. It is the first thing, interns will come across. If your job description is not appealing, they might not even apply to your internship program.

2) Performance Review

Who does not like to get feedback on his/her work? Yes, make sure to have daily performance reviews of your intern. Also, keep in mind to appreciate him if he does good. He is in your company to learn so help him succeed.

3) Keep Your Intern Occupied

Make sure to keep your intern occupied with work. Don't over-work him, but he should not waste his day sitting ideally. Give him tasks that keep him busy and engaged.

4) Mentor

Your intern is not experienced. He is in your company to learn and enhance his skills. So, instead of being bossy, make sure you be a mentor. Help him understand his job and make him learn. Provide him with opportunities that will challenge him to step out of his comfort zone.

Creating an Internship program is not hard, you just need to think before implementing a plan. Every company has its own needs, so make sure to keep those needs in mind and draft a program accordingly.

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