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7 Pro Tips to Ace Your Interview At the Time of Pandemic

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Are you a camera-phobic person who got a call from HR for a scheduled virtual interview? It’s time to fix your fear and start preparing for your interview. And it’s because most of the companies embrace the remote hiring process amidst the wake of the COVID-19 virus.

Follow these pro tips for acing your video interview at the time of pandemic:

1) Prick Up Your Ears

“Please pardon the question again. I didn’t get it.” If you are repeating this sentence during the interview, it’s a wrong impression. So, ensure to prick up your ears and listen carefully to what your interviewer says. You will feel more confident doing this.

2) Take A Note On Your Non-verbal Actions

The biggest challenge most of us face in a video interaction is with our non-verbal action. How to decide on an apt body language for you? It’s easy. All you need to do is to sit up straight, keep a smile, and focus on the camera at eye level while talking to HR.

Choose A Light/White Background

A clumsy background with a laundry bag piled up in the corner will make an erroneous impression. Isn’t it? You won’t be able to convince the employer that you’re detail-oriented with an untidy background. Hence, always choose a light/white wall as a background.

3) Sit in a Noise-free Zone

Any sound in the surroundings can distract you during an interview. Therefore, it becomes essential to sit in a noise-free zone. Keep your cell phone in silent mode, turn off the TV, and close all the nearby windows to avoid neighbourhood disturbance.

4)Keep A Pen and Paper Handy

Keeping a pen and paper handy during an interview is a sign of professionalism. Pen down your points on the notepad before the interview begins. Also, note all the essential points the HR discusses and refer them all at the end of the interview.

Crosscheck Your Technical Equipments

Did you check your internet connection, laptop camera and microphone a day before the interview? Fix the issue if any of these things are not working properly. Employers usually adore a tech-savvy employee for their organization, and this can increase your chances of getting hired.

5) Carry A Professional Outfit

Carrying a professional outfit during your online interview will reflect your seriousness for the job role. Imagine yourself giving an in-person interview and dress-up formally. Undeniably, you are going to feel more confident during the interview.

Without a doubt, the secret behind mastering a virtual interview is how well you prepare yourself for it. Whether you check your non-verbal actions, internet connection, or carry a professional outfit, each step makes you stand out from the list of other applicants.

Do you have more questions about cracking your online interview? Drop them all in the comment box! We’ll try answering them all.

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