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5 Ways to verify references?

It is your responsibility as an employer to go through the hiring process and choose qualified candidates who mesh well with your workplace culture. But first, you need to do some preparation work.

A reference check is frequently used by businesses to learn more about an applicant's employment history and assess their suitability for the position. However, you must learn how to conduct reference checks and what questions to pose in order to become an expert in this area.

1) Seek input from the interview team

Even though the hiring decision may have already been made by the interview team, there is still additional insight to be gained from the process. Do interviewers have any reservations about the candidate? Are there any details you would have liked to learn more about or pursue further? In this regard, the interview team's feedback needs to inform how you should conduct the reference check procedure.

2) Verify the name

First things first: double-check the candidate's name before contacting a reference. Although this procedure may seem straightforward, you can never be sure if it will eliminate dishonest candidates.

Verify the person's title and dates of employment if you're contacting a former employer.

3) Confirm how they know the candidate

Candidates may give a list of different types of references, depending on your criteria. For instance, your company can demand that the applicant provide two or more personal recommendations in addition to the required two professional references.

Verify the candidate's relationship with each reference when contacting them. In this manner, you can verify the specifics of the references your candidate gave you. Additionally, it aids in confirming who you are chatting with.

4) Conduct two verbal checks

Verify at least two references verbally before adding somebody to your staff. Verbal reference checks may be conducted over the phone, via video chat, or in person.

You can learn about a candidate's skills and limitations as well as how they actually perform on the job through verbal interviews. Not to mention, they spare you the trouble of wasting your time on a bad hire.

5) Look out for fake reference

Nearly 20–30% of candidates, according to the Economic Times, use phony references. You must exercise due effort to identify the bogus references because many candidates lie about their references.

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