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5 Ways To Survive In a Toxic Workplace

It is a well-known fact that many people are stuck in jobs they do not particularly enjoy. Some people have it even worse because their work environments are toxic. It's no fun having a bad boss, a dramatic coworker, or offensive company policies!

Because quitting right away isn't always an option, they must find a way to persevere. If this is you, and you want it to last (at least for the time being), it is time to start being proactive about your work environment.

Don't let the negativity of the environment or people get to you. Reconnect with your larger purpose and the goals you're aiming for.

Don't give in to negativity and let your toxic job win.

Because it is simpler said than done.

1) Set ground rules

While it is difficult to set boundaries and say no in a toxic workplace, it is critical to do so. Set clear and concise boundaries, such as taking a lunch break, not arriving early or staying late, not working on weekends, and not responding to your boss at all hours of the day. Remember and follow your boundaries.

2) Make your workplace a happy place

While you may not have much control or influence over your work environment, you can usually choose how to decorate your workspace. Display relaxing posters, photos of loved ones, and positive quotes. Remind yourself that your job isn't everything in your life and that you have a happy life.

3) Do not bring work home with you

Listen, if you've already identified your workplace as toxic, why would you invite that energy into your home? It's like inviting a cloud of darkness into your happy place by opening the door. Do not attempt it. Allow that negative energy to remain at work, where it belongs. Make it a rule for yourself not to discuss work at home. Make a point of not checking your email after you arrive home for the evening. If you find yourself thinking about work while at home, go do something else to distract yourself. Keep your happy place safe!

4) Have Someone You Can Vent To Outside of Work!

Having a support system is extremely important. This allows you to vent and release your pent-up rage without bringing it home with you. Ask a trusted friend if they would mind if you vented to them once in a while. You can even tell them you don't need a response, just a safe place to vent your frustrations.

5) Find Stress-Relieving Activities During the Day

Because quitting tomorrow is unlikely, try to find a way to give yourself a break now and then so that you can recharge. Meet a friend for lunch. Take a stroll around the building. Spend 5 minutes meditating. Read a book of quotations. Consider incorporating whatever helps you decompress into your workday, even if only for a few minutes.

While it is extremely difficult to develop and sustain resilience while working in a toxic environment, you can do it!

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