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5 Ways to Show Appreciation

Having a grateful mindset stems from expressing appreciation and thankfulness to others. It is one of the most effective communication tools anyone can have. The gratitude brings us closer to the people and engraves new perspectives in ourselves.

As William Arthur Ward says, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

1) Adopt Small Gestures into Your Day

Adopt a small but important gesture in your day. Like Please & Thank you, this should be simple, but most people are "please" and "thank you" poor. Make it a practice to say please and thank you at all times. Kindness is a crucial approach to show everyone how much you respect them on a regular basis.

2) Invent Culture

Develop a culture among your premises, create a small prize to distribute or display at staff meetings to recognize the hard work that is being done, such as the longest phone conversation from a customer or the funniest occurrence. This way they feel appreciated and will encourage more to do their tasks.

3) Offer Food to Show Gratitude

Who doesn't like food, especially treats? Everyone likes treats. Make a batch of brownies, bring a fruit tray to the office kitchen, or deliver a treat to your employee for accomplishments of their projects. They will love it!!

4) At a Right Time, A Right Word

If you show or catch someone who is doing something amazing, don’t hesitate, just spit it out and tell them how much you admire it. Pay attention to what is going on around you, and when something is going well, let everyone know!

5) Write a Handwritten Letter

Writing a handwritten thank-you note is one of the best methods to express your appreciation. Handwritten notes truly make the person receiving the note feel special.

When you express gratitude on a frequent basis, it opens the way to a better conversation, a more positive exchange, and, eventually, a stronger relationship. And, the more you practice, the more quickly it will become a part of your everyday routine.

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