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5 Tips to Write Effective Subject Lines While Emailing the Resume

Will you consider buying a book with a boring title even if it's a good read? Of course, you won’t. So is the email subject line. If it's boring and inappropriate, the recruiter will ignore your resume email. Hence, it needs to be interesting!

Here are some tips you can follow to write effective subject lines while emailing your resume to the recruiter:

1- Don’t Forget To Write It At Least

A top-notch mistake that most job seekers make is to send their resume without a subject line. And it’s not with a purpose. It is because they forgot to write it.

Don’t be like other job seekers. Avoid your resume email to mix up in the cluttered inbox by writing a subject line at least.

2- Emphasize Your Value To The Role

How about pitching your skills and experiences in the subject line of your resume email? Well, it’s a great idea you can go with. It will help you emphasize your value to the job role.

For example, if you are applying for a travel consultant role, you may write, “Regarding the Travel Consultant Role, Jane, an MBA in Tourism”.

3- Keep It Short And Simple

When a typical inbox reveals about six to eight words of a subject line, it becomes essential to keep it precise. Therefore, write the first few words to the point.

Avoid using filler words like “hello” and “thanks.” You can include them in the email’s body. Remember, less is enough sometimes.

4- Say No To Informal Words

Your informally written subject line can give the employer a valid reason to reject your resume. Showcase your professionalism even in the subject line. Avoid using overly familiar phrases, such as:

  • "What’s up! Radhika here applying for Data Scientist’s role."

  • "Howdy Jacob! See my resume for the Executive’s role."

5- Build A Connection To Previous Events

Another effective way of writing a subject line is building connections to the previous events. These events can be a LinkedIn conversation, a reference by a mutual friend or the hiring post you saw recently. Start your subject line in the following ways:

  • Recommended By Sujata

  • Following up our conversation on LinkedIn

Wrapping it up,

All in all, a well-crafted subject line lets your resume email stand out in the recruiter’s inbox. Don’t forget to write it and make it short, simple, as well as professional. On top of that, highlight your value to the company in the subject line itself.

Are you still confused about the subject line of your resume email? We can help you out with it. Feel free to connect to us!

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