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4 Exclusive Rights That Women Employees in India Have!

We live in a world where we pray goddesses yet harras and molest our females. The world is cruel towards women, but we can't sit at home and be scared of going out. For ages, women have faced discrimination in this patriarchal society. Where it was easy for a man to find work, women had to work hard to find a job as well as do the household chores.

Keeping all these hardships in mind, the Indian government has come up with a few exclusive rights for women employees in India. Here are 4 such rights that every women employee must know!

1) Sexual Harassment Law

In 2013, the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act was established to protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace. This right gives women to have the proper procedure and the right to companion against sexual harassment by employers at the workplace to the HR department. The company must maintain proper books and take action regarding such cases.

2) Maternity Benefits

The Maternity Benefit Act is established in 1961 giving pregnant ladies a few perks.

The benefits under the act include;

a. 26 weeks of paid maternity leave

b. One month of paid leave for any illness due to pregnancy or miscarriage

c. A medical bonus of Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,500 if the employer provides pre-natal and post-natal care.

d. Maternity benefit when the employee shows proof of delivery, to be paid 48 hours in advance.

e. When the employee dies leaving no legal heir, a nominated beneficiary gets the maternity benefit.

No one can also fire you during maternity leave.

3) Equal Pay

Yes, there is a law that gives women a right to be paid equally as that of a male employee. Under the Equal Remuneration Act under Article 39 of the Indian Constitution, you can file a complaint if you are paid less than your male colleagues despite having the same responsibilities.

4) Anonymous Identity

A sexually harassed female victim has the exclusive right to keep their identity anonymous. To ensure the privacy of women is protected they have every right to keep their identity hidden.

Well, make sure you are aware of these female rights and use this effect from getting harassed at the workplace.

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